The best solution for plant nutrition

Produzione e vendita concimi e fertilizzanti

Biokimia International S.r.l.

The best solution for plant nutrition

Biokimia international S.r.l. offers the best solution for plant nutrition by producing special fertilisers for advanced agricultural fruit crops, horticultural crops, ornamental and field crops. We can provide affiliated retailers with different after-sale services and targeted technical service for the end users.

Targeted tailor made fertiliser programmes

Thanks to many years of experience, Biokimia International S.r.l.‘s technical staff are capable of working out targeted and personalized fertilising programmes that cover the many different crop needs, following the climatical characteristics of the environment where the crops are planted, vegetal physiology, genetics and health status of the plants to be treated. Following nature without changing it, finding the correct balance and preventing stress are synonymous for a successful and sustainable agriculture.

Advanced technology

We search for the best nutritional solutions for the plants by monitoring the worldwide market and sourcing only the best raw materials and selecting innovative and technologically advanced products. Production of our fertilisers only takes place after careful selection and constant inspection of the raw materials to be used. The production units where our fertilisers are manufactured and packed are technologically advanced and progressively up dated, the units where our water soluble powders and liquids are produced frequently undergo inspections to improve their productivity and quality of the production. The formulates and methodology of production are scientifically accurate and continuously evolving.

Organic substances of tomorrow

While we take care of the production and sales of the products already tested, we are constantly researching new materials and new substances to be introduced in agriculture. As well as sourcing particular mineral fertilisers our studies and our research are also projected towards natural organic substances that are capable of bio stimulating plant metabolism and naturally nurturing and protecting them. Our goal is to produce specialty fertilisers for plant nutrition, that when used can considerably reduce environmental impact. Many natural organic substances possess bactericide, antiviral and fungicide properties. Others keep certain harmful insects away by acting as a repellent whilst guaranteeing at the same time reproduction of pollinating and useful insects. They are very particular substances that are both excellent stimulants and nutrients: they naturally nurture and protect. We are valuating, from a nutritional point of view, many vegetal and animal origin substances, biologically fermented or hydrolyzed via enzymes from selected strains of bacteria or yeast. The resulting products will then be tested “on field” to verify plant reaction.


Fertilisers for foliar application, liquids and soluble powders Special fertilisers for foliar and fertigation applications Phos-Phytos range Trace elements Calcium and Magnesium · Meso elements Fertilisers for fertigation, liquids and soluble powders Organic, organo-mineral and special granular fertilisers

Biokimia’s aim  is to give the best service to retailers and farmers in Italy and abroad

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Biokimia intensifies the drop: every drop enriched with our an elixir of nourishment and strength!

Biokimia International is the sponsor on the cover of the June "fertigation special" issue of L'Informatore agrario , a specialized agricultural magazine that boasts the largest national publications in Italy.
Biokimia boosts the vital activity of irrigation water with their plant metabolism, bio-activating and fortifying fertigation products. Crops treated with Biokimia products are more resistant towards adverse environmental conditions and diseases and they also have a reduced environmental impact.


Biokimia's presence at Macfrut 2015 was a great success, this year it was held at Rimini for the first time, form the 23rd to the 25th September. Numerous people visited our booth (located in the "Pre-harvest" section) for various reasons, including questions about our products, our sales network and our distributors...



For years Romania has been one of the leading European producers of cereals (20 million tons) and industrial crops (8.5 million tons). International markets have shown great interest in Rumanian agricultural products during the last few years and this has caused a significant improvement in their quality standards together with more restrictive rules during production and towards environmental impact. For years Biokimia has been supply products to this market, products that satisfy nutritional needs for application at sowing that have been successfully integrated into the local fertilising programmes. Fosforo Terreno 8-30 + 4 Zn is applied in pre-sowing/sowing of cereals, it can be applied in the herbicide tanks together with the herbicides used for weed control at pre-sowing. 30-40 litres of Fosforo Terreno 8-30 + 4 Zn per hectare, substitutes, giving better results, the classic phosphorous granular fertilisation applications. Its use represents a tremendous simplification of crop technique while at the same time allowing greater environmental protection, even though it increases the number of germinated seeds before the cold sets in and consequently increased rooting of the plants. The product gives greater results compared to other phosphate products created for this crop phase, thanks to the presence of 4 zinc units, an important starter effecting micro element that allows the build up of an improved root system, enabling the roots to easily absorb water and nitrogen that gives the wheat, for example, greater stability during windy outbreaks. Fosforo Terreno 9-23 + 1 Zn activated with organic substances can be applied in the same way as the above mentioned product, with a dosage of 40 litres per hectare. The same results can be achieved with a cost per unit even more benificial....