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Fertilisers for foliar application

Fertilisers for foliar application

Fertilisers for foliar application are made out of carefully selected raw materials which are chosen for their high purity, solubility and ready availability of their nutrient contents. To be able to define a fertiliser as “foliar”, co-formulants need to be added, they increase solution stability and improve the penetration capacity through foliar tissues.
The combination of the best raw materials and organic and inorganic additives enables us to obtain products with superior qualitative characteristics and guarantees a complete uptake of the nutrients that are given to the plants.

The way in which the nutrients are assimilated by the foliar tissues (cuticle, foliar mesophyll, palisade layers, ..) may be defined as “passive” if they are by means of diffusion between the cellular membranes (osmosis, gradient and cellular concentration differences) or by active transportation, which in this case means that the plants must employ chemical energy for the cell wall transaction (cellulose, lignin). The adjuvant substances that are added help the macro and micro nutrients to be assimilated and circulated through the plant.

Supplying the plant with nutrients by foliar application does not substitute direct soil fertilisation, which may be applied during irrigation (fertigation system) either by directly spreading or top dressing the soil. Biokimia “Fertilisers for foliar application” when integrated in a general fertilisation programme, including the different applications used (direct soil applications and fertigation), assures that higher production and better qualitative characteristics are achieved. Sometimes when there are problems caused by deficiencies immediate treatment by foliar application can give the best results in curing the disorders, especially where fertigation is not possible.

    There may be particular situations regarding anomalous soils with high salinity grades which could be either constitutional or caused by excessive fertilisation. In these cases the plant roots can not develop adequately and their uptake capacity becomes very limited, therefore, foliar application is the only way to nurture the plant or enhance its abilities.

Existing scientific data has shown that some species benefit from nutritional foliar applications.

For example, in crops of wine grape, table grape, citrus, olive (even if olive leaves have a leathery consistency), tomato, squash, melon, water melon, and even on stone fruit (peach and cherry), pomaceae (apple and pear) and actinide (kiwi) crops, part of the nutrients can be supplied through the leaves, with beneficial evidence to both plants and cultivated soils, as the environmental impact is reduced.

Even excellent economical results are achieved due to using much smaller quantities of fertilisers.

Biokimia “Fertilisers for foliar application” are excellent value-for-money products and guarantee immediate agronomical results.