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The scientific field test set to demonstrate the validity of the Bio Project line and carried out with the support of the Promo Vert test center, is proceeding and is on his way towards harvesting.
Up to now the results are very positive.

(All demonstrative pictures can be found in our Biokimia International srl Facebook page)

Some fundamental and particularly interesting aspects to be noted:

- the untreated plots are severely damaged both in the vegetative and in the reproductive parts, with the existing grapes affected by downy and powdery mildew and therefore unusable for winemaking. This testifies... that the season was particularly pressing on the phytosanitary side.

- plots treated with the Farm line and those treated with the BioKimia line show on a visual level, the same health status (statistical elaborations will be available at the end of the test) which can be defined as optimal: only some Downy mildew spots appear on the new lateral shoots coming as a result of green pruning (performed with trimmer and pneumatic leaf remover). 100% of bunches are healthy.

- the chlorophyll levels measured on leaves by a chlorophyll meter tool (Spad) testify a higher level of chlorophyll in BioKimia plots, compared to the values found in the untreated and Farm line ones.

- at the beginning of the colour changing phase, the measurements detected a lower level of colour changing in the BioKimia plots: this behaviour is due to the usage of 3 biostimulants into the BioKimia line (Bio Project SM Top, Bio Project ID 0.9 and Bio Project MT 0.9) that kept an enhanced functionality of the vegetative tissues for a longer period and therefore delayed the senescence of the vegetative and reproductive parts. This is to be considered as a positive event because living and working vegetative tissues accumulate more carbohydrates, organic acids and other compounds into the clusters, thus increasing the production and quality levels of the grapes. As per our experience, it is expected that grapes in BioKimia plots will reach the same full ripening of the Farm line at the same harvesting time.

- Biokimia plot clusters look “softer”, i.e. with a more elongated rachis, with more spaces between one berry and another. This is to be considered as a good phytosanitary evidence because this conformation promotes light, air and phytosanitary treatments to get into the clusters.

In a few weeks, the final photos of the trial and the last comments on the matter will come.