The best solution for plant nutrition



Phos-Phytos is a range of liquid fertilisers based on phosphites, obtained by chemical reaction.
They are suitable for both fertigation and foliar applications and the form of the phosphorous contents hold particular characteristics compared to other forms of this important macro nutrient.

  1. Readily assimilated. Plants uptake and “fix” it in vegetal tissues employing less chemical energy due to the lower molecular weight.
  2. It can be promptly transferred within the sap flow system.
  3. It promotes uptake of the nutrients it is associated with thanks to the “absorbing” effect of the cell walls, even when sap flow is interrupted due to parasitical attacks or disorders (vasodilatory action).
  4. It helps in keeping a well balanced nutrition ratio especially regarding micro nutrients.
  5. It assures a stabilized compacted plant structure, with stronger tissue consistency and better resistance against adversities, therefore increasing production.
  6. It optimizes vegetative activity, preventing excessive vegetal growth caused by over fertilising, it gives an eventually highly fertile soil, it gives genetically proven vigour. It also optimizes vegetative activity even if incorrect applications have been previously made on the crops and during frequent rain fall (atmospherical nitrogen readily available).
  7. It improves blossoming and fruit setting, increases the number of perfectly set fruit, increases the blossom insemination count with consequent reduction of deformed and undeveloped fruit.
  8. It optimizes fruit growth, maintaining well balanced vegetative and reproductive phases.
  9. It guarantees a better fruit ripening during harvesting and prepares vegetative tissues and buds for the next production season.
  10. It helps and enhances the activity of the fungicides it is associated with, it aids prevention against certain fungicidal diseases and strengthens plant protection, stimulating a higher production of “natural defensive substances”
In order to give the best preventative results, Phos-Phytos products  need to be applied in association with the most commonly used fungicides that give a “coverage action” like copper based and/or mancozeb products, or with fungicides that have a cytotropic, translaminar and/or systemic action.

Analysis method for phosphorous content:

To analyse the phosphorous content expressed as phosphorous pentoxide P2O5 in this range of products, the IPC (Ion-pair chromatography) or LC (liquid chromatography using a hypercarb column) method should be used.