The best solution for plant nutrition

EasyCal + Mg L.

EasyCal + Mg L.

w/w w/v g/l
Calcium oxide (CaO) water soluble 15 % 19.95 % 199.5
Magnesium oxide (MgO) water soluble 2.5 % 3.32 % 33.2

Technical parameters

pH of a solution at 5%: 4.7
Specific gravity at 25°C: 1.330 kg/l

Characteristics and nutritional targets

A liquid formulation based on calcium and magnesium quickly available to the plants.
Physiologically acidic it prevents and cures diseases caused by calcium and magnesium deficiencies.
It strengthens the vegetative and reproductive tissues making them more resistant towards handling and storage.
It improves the qualitative characteristics of the yields (colour, consistency, shelf life …..).

Methods of application and dosages

EasyCal-Mg L. by fertigation system, starting from the first crop cycle and repeating with 5-6 applications during the whole crop cycle.

Fruit trees (grape, melon, pear, kiwi, citrus, peach, apricot, plumb, cherry, small fruits): in fertigation with a dosage of 10-15 l/ha.
Horticultural crops: (eggplant, pepper, strawberry, tomato, courgette, water-melon, melon): in fertigation with a dosage of 1-1.5 l/1,000 m2.
Green leaf horticultural crops: (Lettuce, endive, curly endive, red chicory, cut and come again lettuce and IV range lettuce, fennel, celery,cabbage): in fertigation with a dosage of 1 l/1,000 m2.
Flower and ornamental crops: in fertigation with a dosage of 1 l/1,000 m2.


The product can be mixed with other formulates, but it is always advisable to make a small mixing essay to test compatibility.


Tank 20 l