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Fructi d’Or PK 5-40 L.

Fructi d’Or PK 5-40 L.



w/w w/v g/l
Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble 5 % 7.95 % 79.5
Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble 40 % 63.60% 636.0

Technical parameters

pH of the solution as it is: 6.90

Specific gravity at 20°C: 1.590 kg/l

Analysis method for phosphorous content

To analyse the phosphorous content in Fructi d’Or PK 5-40, expressed in phosphorous pentoxide P2O5 the IPC (Ion-pair chromatography) or LC (liquid chromatography using a hypercarb column) method should be used.

Characteristics and nutritional targets

A liquid formulation with a high concentration of phosphor and potassium, characterized by a complete and prompt uptake of the nutrients. Thanks to the exclusive source of phosphor (phosphorous acid) and potassium (potassium formate) contents, Fructi d’Or PK 5-40 promotes thicker and stronger tissues which are more resistant against environmental adversities consequently increasing the number of set fruits.

It increases the number of fruits and their size, it increases production and improves the qualitative characteristics (dry matter, colour, flavour, shelf life, sugar content…).

Foliar applications during pre-blossoming on tree crops, helps protect the plants from damage caused by frost, (down to minus 3-4 degrees celsius) and quickly melts any formed ice.

On vegetables it enhances a well-balanced vegetative and reproductive phase and prevents excessive luxuriant foliage, stimulating blossoming and fruit setting.

Methods of application and dosages

Pomaceae, actinide (kiwi), citrus, wine and table grapes, small fruits: by foliar application from flower formation during pre- blossoming (pear and apple trees during “calyx opening”) at full blossoming, during fruit growth and at fruit colour changing, 4-5 applications with a dosage of 2.5 l/ha.

Drupaceous: by foliar application during blossoming to prevent severe frost attacks, with a dosage of 5 kg/ha, after fruit setting to increase the fruit size and during the final crop cycle to improve the qualitative characteristics with a dosage of 2-2.5 l/ha.

Horticultural crops (pepper, tomato, melon, water melon, carrot): by foliar application from pre-blossoming (to prevent excessive foliage) up to fruit swelling to keep the plants “compact” and productive, with a dosage of 2.5 l/ha.

Flower and ornamental crops: foliar application during the vegetative cycle to keep the plant well balanced before blossoming, with a dosage of 200 – 250 ml/100 litres of water .

It is advisable to use 500-1.000 l of water per hectare to optimize product distribution, but the product may also be used with higher concentrations.

The product can also be applied by fertigation during the above mentioned periods with a dosage of 10-15 l/ha.


The product can be mixed with other formulates but it is advisable to always make a small mixing essay to test compatibility.


Bottle 1 l · Tank 5 l · Tank 20 l · IBC Tank 1.000 l