The best solution for plant nutrition

Lignofert + LSA

Lignofert + LSA

Lignofert 23-5-14 + 2 MgO + trace elements
Lignofert 15-30 + 2 MgO + trace elements
Lignofert 19-19-19 + trace elements
Lignofert 5-12-42 + trace elements
Lignofert 10-20-15 + 4 MgO + trace elements
Lignofert 10-15-20 + 8 CaO + trace elements
Lignofert 3-8-40
Cu and Fe chelated with EDTA
pH interval guaranteeing a good stability of the chelated fraction: 3-8

Characteristics and nutritional targets

An exclusive fertigation range with high purity and soluble raw material ingredients that guarantee total up take of the nutritive elements, enriched and activated with Ammonium Lignosulphonates (ALS) that complex and carry the macro, meso and trace elements to be found in the product together with those in an available form to be found in the soil. Nitrogen is in nitric, ammoniacal and ureic form. Thanks to this the usual dosage can be reduced by 20-25%.
Lignofert can also be applied by foliar application thanks to the coadiuvants in the formulations.
last two titles do not contain nitric nitrogen and are therefore suitable for gamma IV leaf products that must not have nitrates in their leaves.
In the above table only a few titles are included, on request, if chemically stable, we can provide other titles.

Methods of application and dosages

By fertigation on all crops from reawakening to harvesting, by choosing the most suitable ratio for different phenological phases or crop needs. Repeat applications frequently with a dosage of 25-50 kg/ha.
For sandy and/or loose soils with nutrient deficiency, the frequency and dosages of the applications should be increased.
By foliar application; during the same above mentioned periods, repeat applications frequently, choosing the most suitable ratio for the crops needs with a dosage of 2-3 kg/ha.

It is advisable to use 500-1,000 l of water per hectare to optimize product distribution but the product can also be used with higher concentrations.


The product can be mixed with other formulates. It is always advisable to make a small mixing essay to test compatibility, especially for Calcium-based products.


Bag 10 kg and 25 kg