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Nitrocal Mg + micro L.

Nitrocal Mg + micro L.

For nutritional solutions · For horticultural use


w/w w/v g/l
Total nitrogen (N) 8 % 11.6 % 116
Nitric nitrogen (N) 8 % 11.6 % 116
Calcium oxide (CaO) water soluble 10 % 14.5 % 145
Magnesium oxide (MgO) water soluble 4 % 5.8 % 58
Boron (B) water soluble 0.1 % 0.14 % 1.4
Iron (Fe)water soluble 0.1 % 0.14 % 1.4
Iron (Fe) EDTA chelated 0.1 % 0.14 % 1.4
Molybdenum (Mo) water soluble 0.07 % 0.1 % 1.0
Chelating agent: EDTA
pH interval guaranteeing a good stability of the chelated fraction: 3-8

Technical parameters

pH of a solution at 5% = 5.5
Specific gravity at 20 °C: 1.45 kg/lt

Characteristics and nutritional targets

Liquid formulation based on calcium and magnesium obtained by reaction with nitric acid, characterized by a strong bond between the ingredients.
It prevents and cures disorders caused by calcium and magnesium deficiencies.
It improves consistency of the vegetative and reproductive tissues, guaranteeing a higher resistance towards handling and storage. It improves the qualitative characteristics of the production (colour, consistency, shelf life…).

Methods of application and dosages

Nitrocal Mg + micro L. by foliar application from the first crop phases with 5-6 applications during the whole cycle. The product can also be applied by fertigation system due to excellent root uptake.

Fruit trees (grape, apple, pear, kiwi, citrus, peach, apricot, plum, cherry, small fruits): by foliar application with a dosage of 300 ml/100 litres of water .
Horticultural crops (eggplant, pepper, strawberry, tomato, squash, water melon): by foliar application with a dosage of 350-400 ml/100 litres of water.
Horticultural leaf crops: (endive, curly endive, lettuce, chicory, ready to use IV gamma varieties of lettuce for ready made salads, fennel, celery, cabbage): by foliar application with a dosage of 350-400 ml/ 100 litres of water.
Horticultural crops: (melon): by foliar application with a dosage of 500-800 ml/ 100 litres of water.
Flower and ornamental crops: by foliar application with a dosage of 200 ml/100 litres of water.

It is advisable to use 500-1,000 l of water per hectare to optimize product distribution but the product can also be used with higher concentrations.
By fertigation system, during the same above mentioned periods with a dosage of 10 l per hectare.


The product can be mixed with other formulates but it is always advisable to make a small mixing essay to test compatibility.


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