The best solution for plant nutrition




Total nitrogen (N) 5 %
Organic nitrogen (N) 5 %
Organic carbon (C) of biological origins 20 %

Technical parameters

Specific gravity at 20 °C: 1.155

pH of a solution at 0.5%: 6.25

EC of a solution at 0.1%: 520 µS/cm

Characteristics and nutritional targets

Vivaplant is an organic fertiliser based on a mix of organic substances containing fluid hydrolysed animal epithelium, organic acid, vitamins, sugars and is enriched with iron, manganese and zinc.

Vivaplant is essentially made up with amino acids and low molecular peptides which are more easily up-taken by plant roots. It carries organic matter that the plant should synthesize itself, consequently saving a large amount of energy.

Vivaplant goes directly into the general metabolism (protein and vegetable enzyme synthesis).

It promotes cell division and distention, it guarantees an increase in the root network system with a better uptake capacity and a stronger vegetative structure, thus assuring larger sized fruits and higher qualitative characteristics (sugar content, colour, consistency, shelf life etc.) but at the same time it also has a lower environmental impact than other bio-activators containing synthetic growth promoters.

Vivaplant reduces soil salinity levels and carries and enhances the properties of the fertilisers it is associated with in fertigation system.

It promotes consistent plant tissue formation, compact vegetation and higher production capacity, even in adverse environmental conditions (high temperatures, excessive soil salinity, low temperatures and low light levels).

It improves blossoming, fruit-setting and fruit growth.

Methods of application and dosages

Vivaplant is applied in fertigation systems by drip irrigation or with suitable irrigation bars.

Fruit trees: by fertigation from reawakening to harvest with 3-4 applications with a dosage of 15-20 l/ha

Horticultural crops: by fertigation from transplanting to harvest with 5-6 applications with a dosage of 15-20 l/ha.

Flower and ornamental crops: by fertigation during the whole crop cycle with 6-7 applications with a dosage of 1.5-2 l/1.000 sqm.


The product can be used with other formulas but it is advisable to make a small mixing essay to test compatibility.


Tank: 10 l and 20 l