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Biokimia give advise for wine grape crop offering different strategies depending on grape variety and the targets production.
We recommend for strengthening the defense strategies to introduce Bio Project ID 0.9 and Bio Project MT 0.9, bio activators capable to support plants against stress biotic and abiotic. Their use has to be performed according to a custom plan to increases the resistance to attacks of the typical pathogens of the vine wine grape: Plasmopara viticola viticulture, Erysiphe necator, Botrytis cinerea.

To promote best uniform the emission of shoots at the vegetative awakening and to achieve bunch extension in preblossoming we recommend Bio Project SM Top, bio activator that boosts cell division.
Seaweedgrow PK 15-32 is recommended after petal fall on varieties with very compacted bunch (also for table grape) to achieve bunch distension.

In pre and post blossoming we recommend apply calcium and magnesium on those varieties that are affected by drying out of the bunch using Powerful Wall.

Phytoammina 22 MgO will be useful incase of physiopathies cause by magnesium deficency.
In white grape varieties at berry growth, we recommend Manganese Plus to increase dry matter and organic acids stored in the berries and thus define the aromatic profile of future wines.

Phytoammina 12-6-30 and Phytoammina 3-5-50 are recommended by foliar application during berry growth to increase of dry matter in the berry and to raise both sugar and organic acid levels in wine grapes.

In the vineyards equipped with fertigation systems we recommend to use the products of the Fulvicfert Line, where the mineral elements are activateded by fulvic acids.
To enhance the vitality of the micro organisms of the soil, stimulate the synthesis of chlorophyll and the up taking of nutrients is recommended to supply the soil in fertigation with Active Radical and Bio Project SM Zn.




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